the team

our vision

corporate meets startup – meet the future
In keeping with the motto, we have set out to create a platform for meaningful networking and effective collaboration between established companies and startups.
Our aim is to jointly maintain and promote competitiveness, not only in the region of Stuttgart but also for all companies operating in Germany.
There is a lot to do - be part of the innolution

the team behind the innolution

Over the past few months we have worked hard to achieve our vision. We have brainstormed, decided, mapped, designed, telephoned, e-mailed, held conversations and implemented our idea step by step.


johannes gerhold

founder & host

Design-loving perfectionist | apple fanatic | polaroid photographer | 12:00 am sportsperson | hobby repairman


gunnar groß

founder & host

Innovative idea machine | multi-project manager | creative nightworker | empathic | sports enthusiastic music encyclopedia


markus elsässer

founder & host

Workaholic | networker | lateral thinker | MTB enthusiast | traveller


lisa scheerer

design & concept

Muesli-eater | ambitious | energetic | Mario Kart64 genius | Game of Thrones addict


julia scheerer

design & concept

Photoshop lover | curious | impatient | avocado freak | avid moviegoer


sandra längst

project & guests

"r" -rolling lady from Stuttgart | punctuality fanatic | early bird | passionated hiker | loves green smoothies


michelle pausch

project & pitching

Fitness fanatic | goal-oriented | Knigge lover | curious | weakness for Mexican cuisine


sabine elsässer

project & startups

Mania for cleanliness | whole day worker | organizational talent | natural spirit | musical fan


mohammad hadrami

foreign communication

Management sciences student | jordanian | batman fanatic | i think i am funny | don't like ice-cream



our trainee

Prospective political science student | FIFA legend | team player | scooter driver | heavy Netflix user